On my affair with UNSEEN Amsterdam

I should have been blogging day and night the last week as UNSEEN Amsterdam was on fire and I was there to make sure I get close enough. (Well. I am always there, all day every day as a devoted volunteer, ready to serve, ever since the very first festival back in 2012.)

Since it is sort of late to come up with a long and meaningful post I will simply let you know who and what was my favourite. You all are dying to know, after all.

Whoever missed the somewhat hidden Amsterdam Diorama by Sohei Nishino should start Googling it like crazy. It’s one jaw-dropping master piece. (Despite the fact that it’s made of 1000 smaller prints.) If I had the money I would buy the whole thing along with a canal house with a wall big enough for that gorgeous, captivating, inspiring work of art. It was really, really hard to walk away.


Stina Gromark and Louise Naunton’s Human Printer was something I didn’t find very interesting – until the moment I started to help them. I love the concept! And I am the happiest person ever that I was given the chance to work on their biggest piece so far.

My favourite gallery remains M97 from Shanghai with their bold, experimental imagery. If there is only one UNSEEN artist you are willing to check out make it Wang Ningde. Impressive stuff.

It is pretty hard to tell you which photographer’s work I liked the most. 53 galleries… 53 GALLERIES!!! Not to mention the side projects. Nevertheless, Michael Wolf’s series taken in Paris was the first one that made me stop and stand still for long, long minutes. That’s a good enough reason to mention him here, isn’t it?

[Paris Tree Shadows no. 4 by Michael Wolf, 2014]

It was another wonderful week full of stirring vibes. New friends, lovely summer weather, talented artists everywhere. Volunteering at UNSEEN is a highlight of the year. See you there again in about 357 days.


Weekly This and That – W18

This week’s selection:

Needles and Haystacks #3 or How to Find Your Way Around in the World of Photo Festivals

It is not easy to see clearly when it comes to photography festivals. (To be absolutely honest I think it is impossible.) It is bothering me a lot since I am one of those who wouldn’t like to miss any of them and also tends to apply as a volunteer. I worked in London (Photo Art Fair) and Amsterdam (Pride Photo Award, UNSEEN) in the last couple of years and as soon as I win the lottery you will see me everywhere, as the only thing keeping me back is that I can’t afford volunteering all the time.

Anyway, not too long ago I came across this very, very useful article by Fotografia Magazine that inspired me to refresh my interest lists kept on Facebook. What I have had for quite a while is the “complete” list of events going on all over the world including 101 happenings. (There is quite a few that do not have a Facebook page and there must be a lot that I do not know about. Your input is more than welcome.) It is pretty hard to digest that one so I have created one for each continent now. (Well, more or less…) These seem to be pretty good sources of information, less is more after all. In case you would like to join any of them here come the links:

I think I should also create some Twitter lists following the same logic. Let me know if you like the idea:

This is my first poll here, please vote, don’t let me down.