Happy New Year

In Hungary you are not supposed to wash or clean on the first day of the year – unless you want to do that all day, every day.

In the spirit of this superstition I have made the best possible day out of mine: I woke up the way I like it the most. I had a scrumptious breakfast in the morning sunshine, enjoying the misty view. I went to the beach to take some pictures, had a lunch outside, went jogging, did my exercise. I read something of value and I wrote this post. I took my time whatever I did. No fuss, no frustration. Now I’m heading to see my evening companion to spend the best kind of Friday night together and even though I did not get to cook the sort-of-compulsory lentil dish of the first day of the year I know I have started it well.

Here is to the days one spends as they should spend all the coming days.

Happy New Year!


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