How (not) to write your artistic statement

At the beginning of the year I decided it was about time to have my first exhibition. Of course this impulse needed to be posted on Facebook immediately since collecting likes keeping your followers entertained is pretty much part of daily life. A friend responded shortly with some useful information – and now both of us, among other artists, are exhibiting in Amsterdam.

The whole thing started rather small. Then all of a sudden the venue, the lovely Jam Workspace, decided to make it bigger and throw an opening. How awesome is that! Nevertheless, this is when things started to go weird. I freaked out and reduced the number of photos I wanted to show. I was happy about the pictures, however the frames that I had were quite a mixture. Some had usual glass, some had museum glass. And my inner perfectionist immediately decided not to mix them.

And while this thing above makes quite a lot of sense, the whole fuss I’m making over my artistic statement is more than annoying. Not that I’m not used to driving myself crazy, don’t get me wrong. I’m quite good at making my everyday life quite complicated, just to meet my very own standards and expectations. I’ve learnt to live with that. But now we are like three days away from the opening and I’m still not ready. And also, it’s not even finalized yet, but I’m already having trouble what paper I should print it on…

So. I had had one. Statement I mean. Then sent it for a grammar check and got back something completely different in a couple of days time. I was told the original one was not to be taken seriously. I must show professionalism no matter what.

I do see the point, and appreciate the input – but… Despite being a 100% reliable grown-up I do not believe in taking life seriously. It’s just a waste of time and nerves. (Not life but thinking too much of it.) I believe Calvin and Hobbes should be compulsory literature. Much less problems we would have if we stopped thinking everything has to be handled so “professional”. (That’s another thing I should write a post on, so called “professionalism”.)

On the other hand my friend spent time on it and I respect his opinion. I don’t want to simply trash his version and go back to the original.

And now here I am, feeling like a puppy chasing its tail and getting nowhere. The text is here on my screen, waiting for me to finish things up and to pick the right paper. (As if it really mattered what kind of paper I print it on.)

I’m making too much of it, aren’t I?


Dedicated to Lisa and Kirsty whom I owe big time for making this exposition happen.


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