Going analogue

Remember me saying I would share some of my analogue experiments with you? The time has come! (Took me only a little bit more than 7 months…)

About a week ago I got back in to the dark territories of analogue photography once again – and also got back all those butterflies in my stomach. The good kind of butterflies. I have never been much into kinky stuff but the red lights of a photo lab give me goosebumps.

I was borrowed a beautiful Lubitel2 to play with. God, that device needs a completely new set of mind! And one learns to appreciate rules like the Sunny f/16 even more, especially when their light meter decides to retire itself. (By the way, this Android App works surprisingly good.)

The first roll has been exposed and developed. My eyes are still not to be trusted when it comes to sharpness but that’s not new. (Autofocus is my very best friend for a reason.) Nevertheless, lessons learnt. Here come two of my shots: exported4 The second roll is loaded and I walk the streets of Haarlem and Amsterdam like a looney accompanied by my old school camera(s). I just ordered about a dozen rolls of expired 35 mm films (for my Minolta) so I think this fever will last for quite a while. (Well… If it’s up to me it will never end.)

Oh, and I made my very first photogram this week. Have I mentioned I’m deeply in love?

(To be continued…)

Some offers that worth to be checked out, should you be on the hunt:


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