On things that are not meant to happen

A couple of weeks ago I applied for The Job. It was a bit of a long shot but I was desperate enough to give it a try – and the day after I was invited for an interview. I had never ever prepared this much for a meeting and even though I did some obvious mistakes I nailed it. Or so I thought.

The very same day I sent a thank you note that was replied very soon: I was loved! Of course there was a “but”, a pretty big one, blinking in red and bold. Nevertheless I got another chance to prove myself. I worked three days and nights on the home work that I was given to show them what a wonderful catch I am. I wrote my very first video script, analyzed Banksy’s Sunflower from Petrol Station, wrote a piece on Hrabal‘s Uncle Pepin and so on, and so on. I haven’t worked this hard for years. I loved the challenge and I knew I am good enough and have what it takes.

Then came the rejection, just a few days later. A truly brief one. This is how I pulled off the ice bucket challenge.

In general, despite my bitter, ironic and sarcastic personality, I am a very positive woman always finding the sunny side of whatever. This time I rediscovered the writer in me once again, the one that I kind of lost years ago. (Mostly due to my laziness and the lack of work that requires much brains.) Therefore I am grateful even though I am unquestionably disappointed and devastated.

I also believe that things happen for a reason plus I’m perverted enough to draw on some self-esteem from this all, in spite of the defeat.

What’s the lesson? Fortune favours the brave. One way or another.


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