Excerpts from a great interview – with one of the most inspiring women: Karen Mullarkey

I had learned early that you show no fear. You just took it.


When you and your camera are one and you’re connected into your third eye. That’s when magic happens.


Great photographers are like children. They’re always curious. They don’t want to grow up, on a certain level. They want to keep that childlike curiosity. That’s another gift great photographers have.


You don’t learn from your successes. You learn from your errors because you don’t want to do them again.


You don’t always get to make the photograph of the idea you had at the moment, but if you’re creative it stays with you in the third eye. You do it over and over again until you get it right. It is your visual unconscious.


When you’re being challenged to be better than you think you are, that’s why I say fear is a great motivator. When you’re scared that you’re not going to pull it off, the adrenalin kicks in. If you’re gifted, that adrenalin makes the third eye open  up that much wider.


If I gave out a lot, trust me. I got just as much back.

Credits to J+M Creative Group. Also, you better read the whole thing.


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