One of those nights

I’m having one of those nights when I’m reluctant to go sleep as my thirst for knowledge is much greater than my not-negligible tiredness. Thanks to a quickly approaching portfolio review and the imminent deadline of VIPA I’m finally awake once again, also metaphorically, and all of a sudden ready to soak in all the possible information related to photography without any effort.

Tonight my “bed companion” is Laura Noble’s The Art of Collecting Photography. I was lucky to meet the author last year while she was teaching a workshop at FOAM, then somewhat later I had another chance to see her and her lovely colleagues at UNSEEN 2013. It wasn’t easy to get the book but somehow I got my hands on a reasonably priced one—and tonight after long months of stalling far too many things in life this book seemed to be a good restart.

Why anyone in incurable love with photography should have this book in their library? It is full of iconic pictures neatly organized and with descriptions you cannot find just anywhere, and that’ only the tip of the ice berg. I promise to share with you some bits and pieces in the coming days (weeks), here comes the first one:

“The collector must be mindful of the fact that it is easy to be seduced by so much choice, and the photographer must be sufficiently disciplined in order to produce an image that delivers a strong sense of authorship.”

Let’s keep this in mind for future reference.



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