Weekly This and That – W11

This week in photography:

  • Random Acts of Public Art. I feel an inexplainable attraction towards umbrellas in art. Don’t ask me why.
  • Lessons From A First Time Portfolio Reviewer. Just to keep in mind why one shouldn’t give up hopes and dreams.
  • TipList by Eyes in Progress.You’re passionate about photography and you want to show your work to the world? Get a chance to be seen by professional buyers, or you simply want to know what’s happening in photography today?”
  • The VSCO Artist Initiative. “(…) a $100,000 scholarship fund providing artists the resources to pursue their creative vision. The Initiative exists to honor art and artist by discovering, funding, advising and promoting creatives from all corners of the globe. It is a movement of solidarity, a commonwealth of creatives who value art and those that make it.” Pretty much in love with VSCO.

2 thoughts on “Weekly This and That – W11

  1. Hello there! Just read the article “Lessons From a First Time…”: very interesting, all the more as the ideas listed go well beyond photography. I enjoyed particularly the importance and value of Collaboration when you start working on your own and follow your passion and dreams while trying to make ends meet. Yes, community & connections ARE extremely important and a great source for help, exchange, enrichment, learning, sharing…you name it! Thanks for sharing the valuable link.

    • Connections are pretty much everything. Networking is a must. So is learning, one needs to keep on working on him-/herself – and passion, oh, that’s something I have no clue how people can live without! ^_^

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