The Big Darkroom Project – stage 4

Well, in the end I gave up on the idea of my very own darkroom—at least for the time being: I do not spend enough time at my mum’s place in Hungary, where the darkroom was about to be built, and it’s also not a cheap hobby, let’s be honest. Even though I have like 95% of the gear there is still quite some money to invest: I’m missing lenses for the enlarger(s), some filters would be handy, the sink is still to be installed, not to mention chemicals to purchase.

I’ve found the best rental darkroom in Budapest though with superb supervision assistance if needed where I plan to spend quite some time whenever I’m home in Hungary: lab4art. It’s a nice pro lab in the center with lovely people to guide you around the place and/or through the process. Darkrooms you can rent on an hourly/daily basis with or without assistance for a reasonable price—or you can attend their workshop(s) to learn how the whole thing works.

I will share some of my first experiments with you in the coming days as I developed some pictures taken by my father in the 1970’s. So much fun—and so much to learn. Just another part of photography I instantly fell in love with.


3 thoughts on “The Big Darkroom Project – stage 4

  1. I was waiting for the follow up and in the end I have the feeling that the solution you found is just bringing you one step closer to your dream. Will you post about your work in the lab you found? Do you plan on attending workshops there already? One step at the time is also a good way of getting to your final destination and learning heaps along the way…

    • Yes, I would like to write a couple of posts on my lab experience. I took two workshops already, very nice ones. I learnt a lot but also realized how little I know.

      Most certainly this is a path I don’t plan to leave: for me analogue Photography is the real thing, the one to be capitalized.

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