Sochi (at least) Four Decades Ago

My father was rewarded with a Soviet holiday back in the 1970’s (by his employer). The heavy air sickness he experienced while travelling is an anecdote even the youngest grand kids in the family know from the top of their head. He returned with a perpetual hatred of flying, an army of matryoshka dolls, a couple of mortars—and several boxes of colour slides* of (among others) Moscow, Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) and Sochi.


These slides I loved looking at as a child got completely forgotten (and faded, unfortunately), until my sister found them by chance a couple of weeks ago in a junk drawer we haven’t looked into for long, long years. I thought I should share some of them with you, as my humble personal reaction to the absurdity of the most expensive Olympic games ever. Enjoy the Opening Ceremony and disregard the facts (and consequences)—as long as possible.

Funicular railway

Funicular railway

Zapolyariye Sanatorium

Zapolyariye Sanatorium

Inspired by The Sochi Project.

* By Novosti Press.


2 thoughts on “Sochi (at least) Four Decades Ago

  1. Impressive and what a timely finding!!! I find it difficult to enjoy the ceremony when you know what’s behind – and actually, we probably know NOTHING yet. May we hope to see more of your slides so that at least we bask in the past (boy do I sound old now)??? Take care!

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