No Regrets #2

Yesterday it was the first anniversary of taking The Official Step to become my own boss.

A couple of days earlier I had founded The Momentologist. Originally I wanted to play it safe, as a weekend entrepreneur, to see how it goes and whether there is an option to leave my safe full-time job behind sometime in the future. The more I was thinking the more obvious it became (to me at least): I have to take the risk and do it to the full so I quit.

Family and friends were, mostly, supportive. The openly sceptical ones I avoided to make sure I don’t give in. And here I am now, having the time of my life.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t easy. I am an anti-consumerist now, to say the least—not only on principle. Living on a tight budget can be very frustrating, especially when you are supposed to have that out-going, not-much-to-care-about part of your life when you don’t have a family yet. And there are further cons, no arguments there. Still, no regrets.

It is amazing how quick you become an expert on finding the cheapest offers or best alternatives when you need to. You also learn to appreciate the tiniest things (even) more than before and it is wonderful to see that friends you really can count on.

You do what you love. (Most of the time.)

You are the boss so on a beautiful day you can simply move your office to the park nearby, or just decide to do the work overnight to make time for whatever you feel like during the day.

Cafés become offices. All of them.

Going to museums and/or exhibitions, surfing the internet, reading articles on what you are interested in and blogging is part of your job. (Needs to be work related, of course. Sorry…)

People keep on saying how brave you are. (If only they knew the truth.)

I could go on both with pros and cons but now it is time to get to the point: if I ever published a photobook filled with my work, my acknowledgements would mention two persons. Since I’m not sure that it will ever happen this is just the perfect occasion to express my gratitude to a friend of mine, code-named The Walrus, who had handed in his resignation a couple of months earlier than me. Without his ineffable inspiration and endless support The Momentologist would not (yet) exist. A big, big *hug* to him for everything he has ever done for me. Another person I wouldn’t have done it without: my wonderful coach who made me realize I am capable.

Without them I would be so much behind.


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