Needles and Haystacks #1 or How to Find the Useful Piece of Information

All my mornings start with a (well filtered) press review. Well, except for the ones juggling around caffeine filled cups, buttered toasts, outfit problems and time to get somewhere without delay. Someday I should write a post on that, it’s pretty much entertaining.

So. My ideal morning starts with a photography press review. It’s something not to miss, I’m trying to become a valuable part of this industry after all. The hard chunk is to find your way around as the world is big and the internet is even bigger, filled with information that is very often questionable. The first step is to filter that freaking big mass of material out there and collect all the good stuff in one pretty, user friendly place where you can refine results further. Thank goodness there are loads of wonderful RSS readers you can pick your favourite from. They make it almost too easy: you take the desired feed, add it to your news aggregator and voilà, there is one page full of the news (blog posts, etc.) you want, an automatized selection of resources you choose to trust and follow. You can even kindly ask your browser to open it for you when you start it up “the system” so you can avoid all the hard work of clicking. I personally use Feedly but there are loads and loads of them. If you decided to go for one just Google ‘RSS reader’ and there you are in the heaven(?) of far too many choices.

Some wonderful sources to rely on:

Twitter is another great way to follow big names and stay up-to-date. Can be overwhelming, no doubt, nevertheless one of the most useful tools ever. Even if you are a follower only and do not intend to tweet yourself highly recommended. Not that I am a big name but feel free to follow me, I (usually) share useful stuff.

A few of the big ones:

Of course there is many many more.

Facebook also can be a great place to gather the information you need with slightly less control. You can easily create lists of interests that others might follow, here is one of mine.

And let’s not forget about printed goodies that are so hard to resist. I allow myself only one subscription a year since I live in a tiny little apartment still full of boxes (despite moving in more than a year ago). For me GUP is the top of the (Dutch) photography magazine market. (This is a matter of taste though, no need to agree with me.) The rest, like FOAM magazine, etc., I tend to glance at in libraries or at newspaper stands while waiting for the train. You can’t read them all, life is too short. Pick the one you love.


2 thoughts on “Needles and Haystacks #1 or How to Find the Useful Piece of Information

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