Excuse my English

I was told by my personal marketing guru, who also happens to be a wonderful friend, that I am supposed to blog. Regularly. Not only pictures but cohesive sentences. Also as The Momentologist. To engage people, get more followers, etc.

I have my doubts. First of all, even though I love to speak my mind and let people know what I think, regardless of whether they wanna hear my opinion or not, my English is far from perfect. I’m kinda used to conversations since I have to use this language every day, to survive. I’ve learnt (more or less) to let my insecure thoughts go whenever I make a mistake. It usually works. But writing…. Writing is a different story.

Then there comes regularity. An arch enemy of mine. No matter how much I like blogging, if there is no inspiration, I may disappear for months. That can be done on a personal blog but here, where I am supposed to engage my existing and future clients and those who share my love of photography, should not be committed. A challenge it is going to be.

And the biggest question of all: what shall I write about? She (the above mentioned guru) told me to share my knowledge. Well… What I can share is the path I’m walking on, downhills and uphills, to become a good Photographer one day. The beauty of being your own boss. The occasional urge for unaffordable meltdowns. Seeking inspiration. Taking pictures and becoming your own most viscous critic. Having incomparable friends around. Procrastination (and deadline as the most effective doping ever). Having hundreds of books but not a single bookshelf. Living life the way it should be.

Plenty of things to write about after all…

As my healthy(?) need of attention is greater than my fears and as there were times when I wanted to become a writer (plus I have this forgotten photo blog that deserves more) I will do my utmost to create something pleasing here, both to the mind and the eye. I promise you photos, personal posts and for sure I will keep you posted on photography events and exhibitions you should not miss. Let’s see how it goes. :)


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